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Paintings and Prints


Hudson River School

Paul van Ryzen Sold

Ronnie Hedge
"Winter Wonder"

Edmund Henry Garrett

Charles Harmon

Abra„o Batista
"A Caapora Conversando com o Saci PererÍ"

F. Snow
"In The Woods"

Arthur Melton Hazard
"Mother and Faith"

Julian Joseph
"Walking the Dog"

Julian Joseph
"Large Old Trees"

Maurice Harvey
"My Days in the Sun"

Maria Von Ridelstein

Helen Caswell

Julian Trevelyan

Robert Wagoner
"Surveying the Land"

Hermann Richter

Hans Skalagard

Rosemary Miner
Ocean off Carmel

Luigi Kasimir

Heinie Hartwig  Sold

F. Snow
"Watchin' The Herd"  

"Battle Scene"

Barbara Conley
"Plowed Fields"

Margaret Rogers
"Stand of Trees"

Eva Sikorski

Sharon Hinckley

Albert Whitlock  Sold

Kawase Hasui
"Kiyomizu Temple"

Tsuchiya Koitsu
"Snow in Maruyama"

Utamaro Kitagawa
"Famous Six Beauties"  Sold

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