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Yours Is My Heart Alone - Franz Lehar - Ludwig Herzer, Fritz Lohner, Harry R. Smith


YOURS IS MY HEART ALONE - Original Sheet Music

Music by Fraz Lehar, original text (German) by Ludwig Herzer and Fritz Lohner. English version by Harry R. Smith, French version by Roger Casini, Spanish version by Johnnie Camacho. In the key of C, piano and voice (E to G). English, German, French and Spanish lyrics.

"Yours is my heart alone and without you ..."
"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz! Wo du nicht bist ..."
"Mon coeur est tout a vous, tout mon amour ..."
"Tu yo es mi corazón, y yo sin ti no sé vivir ..."

© Copyright MCMXXIX (1929) by Franz Lehar, Ludwig Herzer & Fritz Lohner. © MCMXXXI (1941) by Schubert Theatre Corporation. © MCMXL (1940) & MCMXLIX (1949) by Schuber Music Publishing Corporation. .
In excellent condition, 6 pages (music on pages 2-5), 12" x 9" (not shown in its entirety due to scanner limitations)..

Yours is My Heart Alone

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