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Artistic Tenor, The - Enrico Caruso - A Collection of Standard Ballads


THE ARTISTIC TENOR - A Collection of Standard Ballads - Original Songbook

Volume One. Enrico Caruso, The Distinguished Tenor on cover. A collection of standard ballads by world renowned composers. Voice and piano.


Celestial Aida - Verdi
Flight of Ages - Bevan
Good Bye - Tosti
Heaven and Ocean - Ponchielli
I Love Thee - Grieg
Imp of Dreams - Haesche
Lass with a Delicate Air, The - Arne
Last Night - Kjerulf
Like a Dream - Flotow
Lotus Flower - Schumann
Obstination - Fontenailles
Oh Fair, Oh Sweet and Holy - Cantor
Plume in the Summer Wind - Verdi
Serenade - Raff
Serenade - Schubert
Serenade - Tosti
Spirit So Fair - Donizetti
Song of Sunshine, A - Thomas
Songs My Mother Taught Me - Dvorak
Winds in the Trees - Thomas

Copyright MCMXII (1912) by M. Wilmark & Sons.
In good condition, 93 pages, 12" x 9¼" (not shown in its entirety due to scanner limitations).

The Artistic Tenor - Caruso

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