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The Passing - Michael Coggiano


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THE PASSING - Michael Coggiano - A Collection of Poems

A selection of 53 poems composed by Michael Coggiano since 1971 with a theme in common.  11" x 8½" format.  U.S. Library of Congress #TXu 1-880-451.  


  As Children
  On Time
  Li'l John the Conquero
  Color the Child Black
  The Bird
  Shadow and Light
  Silent Mystery
  My Ireland
  The Rainbow
  The Castle
  On War
  The Flower
  The West
  In Dedication to the Native American
  Eternal Things
  The Line
  What Kills the Peacock
  The Dragon
  The Price of Reverence
  On Love
  To Reach
  What Difference
  Moral Rage
  Peace of Mind
  The Lesson
  A Haunting
  Leda and the Swan
  Simple Truth
  The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side
  The Game of Life
  The Map
  Autumn Time
  Ode to the Seasons
  Night Time
  Ode to Summer
  For Gold
  The Pine Tree
  The Executioner
  To Dedications
  The Old and the New
  The Hangman
  Early Fears
  Autumn Season
  One for the Other
  Free Verse
  Tired Anticipation

Michael Coggiano - The Passing
Michael Coggiano - Li'l John the Conquero Michael Coggiano - The Rainbow

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